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The Republic of the Congo is one of Africa’s most urbanized countries. It is also called Congo-Brazzaville to avoid confusion with its neighboring country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo or Congo-Kinshasa. This country in Central Africa is bordered by Cameroon, Gabon, the Central African Republic, the Congo-Kinshasa and Angola.


The Republic of the Congo has a tropical climate. It only has the wet and dry seasons. The dry season dominates the entire year, covering the months of July to February. The wet season starts from March to June. The temperature is humid.

A taste of palm wine

When you are in Congo-Brazzaville, grab a glass of palm wine. It is a local favorite. Food lovers will enjoy a gastronomic adventure at Mami Wata, the best restaurant in Congo. This restaurant has an excellent menu, a super bar, free WiFi and an overlooking view of Kinshasa and Brazzaville. You should also visit Odzala National Park, the Congo Tank Graveyard and the famous Congo river. The Casino Supermarket is another tourist spot where there is anything under the sun. It has a wide selection of goods from various countries.

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