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Togo is one of the smallest African countries with over 6 million people. It is a French speaking country, with majority of its people following Christianity. Until now, the influence of its former French colonizers can still be felt throughout the country. Hence, a lot of its architectural styles and cultural practices have a French touch.

Hand on vacation

If you are interested in a trip where you don’t just walk and take photos, you have to visit the Village Artisanal. This place is where Togolese make handicrafts such as weaved cloth, carved status, baskets and shoes. They make a living by selling these items and providing a livelihood training for interested guests.

Authentic French Snacks in Africa

The Café Panini is one of the most popular snack houses in the country. It serves the very popular French Panini and other sumptuous meals and beverages. Sometimes, musical performances are available at the café.

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