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Air India Overview

Air India, the flag carrier of India connects you to a network of 35 international destinations across the USA, Europe, Far-East and South-East Asia and the Middle East. The airline’s domestic network covers more than 61 destinations across India. A member of Star Alliance, Air India operates daily non-stop flights between Australia to India. Enjoy the full benefits of the Star Alliance network including seamless transfer, frequent flyer mileage points and access to facilities at over 1,000 airport lounges across the world. Welcome aboard our Dreamliner and enjoy a great range of in-flights features at a competitive price. You’ll have a choice of continental or Indian cuisine, in vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties as well as complimentary liquor. Enjoy features like larger windows, dynamic LED lighting to suit your mood, higher level of cabin pressurisation for a smoother ride and less fatigue. Our In-flight entertainment promises to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and variety of programmes. 

Buckle in, you are set for a Dream Flight!

Luggage Allowance

  • 30 kg of checked luggage in Economy class 
  • 40 kg of checked luggage in Business Class
  • 8kg of hand luggage 

Economy Cabin

  • Choice of Continental or Indian cuisine Non-veg/ Veg.
  • Complimentary liquor/ wine
  • Well positioned movie screens for cinematic viewing pleasure
  • Selection of meals
  • Improved illumination & temperature control systems

Business Cabin 

  • Spacious cabins and plush seats
  • Aisle or window seats for every passenger on 747 aircraft
  • Delectable entrees accompanied by wine
  • Exclusive check-in facility
  • Lounge facility


Dining, Entertainment & More!

Movies, TV shows, music, news and more.We welcome you aboard with a promise to add zing to your journey with our large number of channels and variety of programmes.

Food for a Maharajah now at your table. Talk about a nation that prides itself in having nature’s bounty, the earliest civilizations, a rich and varied cultural heritage, a glorious past… and you can expect the perpetuations of a great legacy. That’s India

Indian cuisine is an assortment of zealously guarded culinary skills that have descended down generations from a host of regions and communities. Yet, each is distinct in flavour, ranging from the sharpest to the subtlest.Despite its unparallel dietary range, there’s something mystical and intrinsic about all Indian food: the reverence and thoughtfulness with which it is prepared.The exotic blend of herbs and spices, and the intricate preparatory methods, are all intended to let the aromas and flavors sink into the fare and your senses. Not only does the food smell or look gorgeous, it fires your appetite until you and your taste buds succumb to temptation. And the seduction is total! Efforts to resist indulgence often prove futile. But you will feel no remorse because such sublime and experiences are a step closer to spirituality.

Air India lets you savour the very essence of India that has transcended boundaries to gain worldwide awe and recognition.

Come, embark on an epic culinary voyage and rediscover your inner self.

Air India - Contact Details

General Enquires

  • 1800 247 463