Cheap China Airlines flights

China Airlines is one of Asia’s leading airlines and Taiwan’s national carrier. They operate with a fleet of nearly 100 aircrafts and flies to 136 destinations all over the world. Along with Mandarin Airlines, its sister company, China Airlines is one of 20 airline members of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, giving you access to over 1,000 destinations worldwide for easier and well-connected travel. They also received a 4-star rating from Skytrax’ Airline Reviews and Rating website and a 7/7 rating for safety from So whether you’re flight is short or long, expect maximum comfort and safety with China Airlines on your flights from Singapore.

Why Fly with China Airlines

Fly with China Airlines and see what the leading airline and airport reviewers in the world are raving about.

The best times of any flight are the takeoff and landing. Make time fly in-between those moments with China Airlines’ entertainment options of fantastic movies, TV shows, games, and music. If you prefer entertainment from your own gadgets, Business Class seats have power outlets so you can enjoy hours of usage with no worries.

If you’re feeling peckish, both Economy and Business Class have delicious Asian and Western meals, as well as a your choice of drinks, to satisfy your hunger during medium and long haul flights. Business Class passengers can choose the Presidential Banquet Menu, and even enjoy new creations from renowned chefs every two months.

Fly Business Class or join China Airlines’ Dynasty Flyer Program when you fly with them frequently for exclusive access to their lounge at Taipei Airport and the lounges of all SkyTeam airlines around the world.

Be a Dynasty Flyer Member for a VIP experience with China Airlines’ four member classes - Dynasty, Gold, Emerald, and Paragon. In exchange for your miles you can redeem free tickets, upgrade your cabin class, save excess baggage fees, and save costs at Dynasty Sky Boutique.

They even make your birthday extra special by giving you 2,000 extra miles as a Gold/Emerald/Paragon member when flying with China Airlines or Mandarin Airlines during your birthday month. You’ll also have your own Exclusive Hotline in Taiwan for reservations and fax, and if your chosen flight is already full, Gold/Emerald/Paragon members are listed in their priority reservation wait-list.

Collect your mileage by flying with them or from partner airlines as a Dynasty Flyer Member. You can also earn even more mileage by using the services or products of SkyTeam partners like credit card consumption, hotel accommodation, or car rentals. Join China Airlines’ Dynasty Flyer Program, and you can enjoy benefits from all SkyTeam members. Click here for more info on member benefits.

Contact China Airlines

For more questions and info, you can contact China Airlines by calling 67372144 or go to their website.

Keep up with the airline’s news and offers by visiting the China Airlines website or follow them on social media.