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Royal Brunei Airlines Overview

Royal Brunei operates flights from Australia through to Brunei and onwards to Asia, the UK and the Middle East. All Royal Brunei passengers enjoy the same caring service from the ASEAN flight attendants, along with skilfully prepared meals and a wide range of inflight entertainment options to choose from.


Luggage Allowance


  • 20kg of checked luggage
  • 7kg of hand luggage



  • 30kg of checked luggage


Royal Brunei's Fleet

Long-Haul Fleet

  • B777-200ER, B767-300ER
  • Average age: 8 years (B777), 17 years (B767)



Economy Cabin Specifications

  • 255 seats with a 3 - 3 - 3 configuration (B777-200ER)


Business Cabin Specifications

  • 30 seats with a 2 - 2 - 2 configuration


Economy Seat Specifications

  • 84cm (33") seat pitch (B777-200ER)
  • 44cm (17.5") seat width (B777-200ER)


Business Seat Specifications

  • Lie-flat seats, 144cm (57") seat pitch, 53cm (21") seat width, personal screens and in-seat power



  • Personal screen with AVOD with a range of entertainment options: movies, TV programs and more (only on B777-200ER)
  • “Food fit to fly by” meal concept: inflight menus featuring healthier and lighter meal options
  • Special meals to accommodate dietary requirements
  • Royal Brunei is a ‘dry’ airline so no alcohol is served on board
  • More than 600 hours of in-flight entertainment


Frequent Flyer Program

  • Royal Skies



Contact Details


  • +617 3114 1114