Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC, United States

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2009 the airport was the 9th busiest US airport and in 2010 it was the sixth world’s busiest airport. Annually, the airport serves over 32 million passengers who travel to countless International and US destinations.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport features a number of highlights for passengers. The airport is among a small number of International airports that features an aviation museum which is located on the field. The museum features a number of aircrafts and a library of photo collections. The airport also features a first aid station, ATMs, retail shops, restaurants, bars, lounges, charging stations, mail boxes, airport information centres and customer services centres, plus a handful of other amenities that are designed to provide a first rate travel experience. While the airport does not feature a hotel, there are a number of motels and hotels close by with many offering free airport shuttle services.

Travellers enjoy a spacious airport where they can enjoy a latte at Starbucks or a burger at Chili’s or chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They can grab the latest news or a good book at the daily newsstand or book shop or shop for apparel and other items at the retail stores. The airport is beautifully maintained and offers a taste of something for everyone.


Airport Parking and Transfers

Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers a number of parking options as well as a telephone line that offers travellers the availability to call ahead for current parking conditions. To stay informed on current parking conditions call 704-FLY-5555.

The airport features SmartPark which is business valet parking, hourly parking, daily parking, remote parking, long term parking, curbside valet, T-Mobile Cell Phone Lot parking, and overflow parking. Shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day between lots and terminals.

Daily and Remote parking rates are $1 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $6. Long term parking rates are $4 for a 24 hour period. Curbside and Business valet is $4 for the first 30 minutes and $1 each additional hour. Curbside has a maximum daily rate of $9 and business has a maximum 24 hour period rate of $10. The T-Mobile Cell Phone Lot is free. Overflow parking is a flat fee rate of $10.

The airport features a taxi service which is available at curbside on the Baggage Claim level. Limos, bus service, car rentals, and shuttles are also available.