John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, United States

John F Kennedy Airport

Since its first commercial flight in 1948, John F Kennedy Airport has been the forefront of aviation. The airport is located in New York City, in a south-eastern section of Queens Country in Jamaica Bay, and just 15 miles to midtown Manhattan. The airport is a beautiful airport that spans over 4,930 acres. The Central Terminal area features 880 acres. Over 125 aircraft gates serve the airport’s terminals and it serves 12.8 million passengers annually. JFK is also one of the world’s leading international air cargo centres.

John F Kennedy Airport features some of the world’s best known shops, restaurants, bars and lounges and other services which offer passengers a variety of venues. The airport features a number of services which include a traveller’s aid station, a passenger paging system, a gas station, and baggage storage. ATMs, currency exchange venues, and charging stations are also located throughout the airport for passengers.

JFK Airport is beautifully designed with a number of facilities that allow passengers to enjoy their time between flights or waiting for their departure. The airport is comfortable and relaxed and implements a high standard of service and amenities which make the travel experience pleasant.

While the airport does not have a hotel connected to it, there is a wide range of motels and hotels that are conveniently located near John F Kennedy Airport many of which offer hotel courtesy shuttles.

John F Kennedy Airport is dedicated to ensuring that passenger travel experiences are safe and secure and implements the highest standards in security measures. The airport does allow pets to travel, but they must be in carriers. JFK has pet relief areas on the airport grounds and owners are expected to clean up the mess after their animals.

Airport Parking and Transfers

John F Kennedy Airport features over 18,000 parking spaces in a range of options which include spaces in multi-level parking garages, the Central Terminal Area, a free cell phone lot, and long term parking.

In 2003, the Air Train JFK opened which connects JFK passengers with the New York City subway and the Long Island Rail Road and bus lines. The Air Train is a light rail service that is also used by passengers to connect to terminals, the hotel shuttle area, rental car facilities, and parking lots at no cost.  Other airport transfers include taxis, car and van services, car rental, limos and public transportation.