Melbourne Airport in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Melbourne Airport also known as Tullamarine Airport is Australia’s second busiest airport. The airport is the primary airport serving Melbourne City. The airport is an International airport transporting flyers to various destinations in North American, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, as well as, 33 direct flights to destinations in all states and territories of Australia. Tiger Airways Australia and Jetstar Airways use Melbourne Airport as a home base while the airport serves as a major hub for Qantas.

The airport is beautifully designed with many highlights within the four terminals that serve both domestic and International flyers. Throughout the terminals passengers enjoy the service of ATMs, free wireless Internet, pet assistance, and a lost and found department. The airport also features two restaurants, the Runway Grille and the Gate 1 Bar and Café. Both serve an assortment of foods which include cold and hot meals, beverages and spirits.

Flyers enjoy the talent of local artists who showcase their masterpieces throughout the Melbourne International Airport terminals. A range of exhibitions which include traditional paintings and sculptures as well as art collections are on display within the terminals. An Airport Museum is also a highlight and features fascinating exhibits that recount the Melbourne International Airport. The airport also offers a fantastic range of over sixty retail outlets that offer flyers a variety of products and services from well-established shops. 

The airport is comfortable with a climate controlled temperature and large waiting lounges for flyers to relax and enjoy their time while they wait for their flights. Passengers pass through a passenger and baggage check to ensure the safety of all flyers.



Airport Parking and Transfers

Melbourne Airport offers a number of car park options that are convenient for passengers and guest. Drop off and pick up spaces are available in front of the terminals and a parking garage that is one rate for all parking.

Covered walkways are featured from the parking garages to the terminals. Disabled parking is also available for vehicles with a disabled card visible. The airport parking lot is patrolled by Melbourne Airport Police Department and video cameras. For customers that do not wish to park, the airport features a mobile phone lot where they can wait for a call from the flyer and quickly meet them in front of the terminals.

Transportation options from the airport include taxi, car rentals from major car rental companies, limos, bus services and shuttles.