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Laos is the landlocked country in the Indochinese peninsula sharing borders with China in the North, Myanmar in the Northwest, Thailand in the West, Cambodia in the South and Vietnam in the East. It is a country with a long and rich history dating back to some 10,000 years and where the strong influence of Buddhism is evident in every facet of its citizens’ lives and environment.

Beautiful natural landscapes

Laid-back and offering a bounty of stunning sights and wonderful nature experiences the country’s great appeal lies in its simply natural charm that exudes beauty and serenity. Laos has virgin lakes with clear blue waters great for water sports and picnics. It’s a country of thick forests, majestic waterfalls and cool springs great for swimming. Rugged, picturesque mountainous landscapes abound where you can take nature walks or trek through low lying clouds.

Haven of rare fauna and flora

Known as The Land of Million Elephants Laos may no longer have that big a number of elephants but it has put great effort in the preservation and conservation of rare and endangered species as evidenced by the number of national protected areas all over the country which serve as sanctuary of elephants, tigers, gibbons, gaurs, green peafowls and giant ibises and other rare species. Witness the beauty of these natural habitats by joining guided tours, and other ecotourism fun activities like trekking, elephant riding, and bird watching.


Why Go to Laos? Relaxation.

Laos is the perfect getaway for those who want to commune with nature and spend a few days in low gear in an Old Asia ambiance. It is a place of sacred ancient temples and interesting prehistoric and cultural sites. It is a country of quiet rustic towns and cities where almost everyone is in bed by 10 p.m. Seemingly untouched by fast paced developmental efforts that characterize it neighboring countries Laos brings you back to a moment in time when everything was fresh, peaceful and relaxed.

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