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Season for expeditions and tours

Nepal enjoys dry and warm weather in the months of April to June. This is the best season for mountain expeditions and the wonderful time of the year when the Himalayas in blanketed with colorful rhododendrons that are in full bloom at this time. October to December, which is just after the monsoon season, brings clear skies and cool weather to the whole of Nepal. This season is most ideal for tours of the country’s hilly and mountainous regions.


Nepal is a South Asian country of more than 240 mighty peaks, the most famous of which is Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak. Geographically and culturally diverse trekkers and climbers flock to Nepal because of its many challenging mountain trails in great heights. It is a crossroad of different cultures, historic and picturesque villages, grand palaces, sacred temples, and monuments. Idyllic sceneries are almost in every corner of Nepal giving your eyes a bounty of endless visually satisfying treats.

The Nepali adventure – more than just treks and hikes

Commonly visited for mountain trekking, rafting, forest adventures and other extreme sports this landlocked country perched in the Himalayas has so much more to offer to curious visitors who are in for a unique Himalayan experience. Guided tours through the hilly and mountainous trails will unfold much more of Nepal’s beauty as you pass clear streams and terraced fields, laid back and picturesque villages, hospitable villagers in their distinctive colorful costumes and breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas from different vantage points along the trails which are simply jaw dropping.

Being the birthplace of Gautama Buddha Nepal’s sacred sites and historical temples are revered places of pilgrimage and meditation for Buddhists, locals and tourists. Nepal is the place for high adventure, cultural immersion and spiritual journeys. It is a country that has a lot to offer to the adventurous, the curious and the weary.

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