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A Polynesian island in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island was classified as a World Heritage Site in 1995 under the protection of the Rapa Nui National Park. The Polynesians who inhabit the island are known for their unique and dynamic culture as seen through their wares and artifacts, which the UNESCO is trying to preserve. It got its name from the first recorded travel to the island by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen who arrived on Easter April 5, 1722, Easter Sunday.


Since Easter Island is one of the most remote islands around the globe, people have the impression that it is difficult to reach. The truth is that the island is accessible by LAN Airlines with direct trips from Lima, Peru two times a week. This route is usually taken when you want to save travel hours going to this place. In any case, travel time to the island depends on where you are originating from.

Climate and things to see

Easter Island has a tropical rainforest climate with mostly cool temperature. The most visited sites in the island are the parks that showcase the Stone Age culture of the Rapa Nui people.

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Temperature average in July

15.7 - 21.4°C

Rainfall average in July

129.6 mm

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