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Luxor is a city located in Upper Egypt. It is the capital of Luxor Governorate with an estimated population of 500 thousand. Luxor is known for its open air museum that exhibit the temples of Karnak which tourists from all over the world come to visit.


Traveling to Luxor is made easy with its airport - the Luxor International Airport. Upon arriving, air passengers may be transported to the designated places through ferry or land transportation that passes through the bridge that connects the east and west banks of the Nile river. There are less expensive flights to Luxor especially when your point of origin is in the Arab region. American Airlines and Expedia are two reliable airlines that conduct flights to this city.

Top tourist destinations

The top tourist destination in Luxor is the open-air museum where you can see a long strip of Sphinxes that join the Karnak temples to Luxor. These Sphinxes, which number to more than a thousand to date, have been excavated since 2004. This project of digging and restoring buried sphinxes is worth 11 million dollars with projected plan of putting up five star hotels, shops and IMAX theatre.

Luxor is perceived to become a major tourist destination in Egypt. Book a flight with Skiddoo and see it soon. 

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