Malabo (SSG) Equatorial Guinea

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Malabo is the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. This is also the place where most oil rigs and companies can be found. Though the city is surrounded by companies producing millions of dollars in income, Malabo is still one of the poorest cities in Africa.


Back then, the Malabo International Airport hosted flights from government officials only. With the discovery of its oil reserves, the airport became busier with more flights from businessmen and tourists alike.

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If there is one thing that sets Malabo apart from other places, it is the fact that they have very strict regulations for tourists. Obtaining a tourist visa in this country is very difficult, with several documents required. Once you get a visa, you still have to go through a lot of scrutiny once you reach their soil. Hence, for tourists who are up for some adventure and are tickled by the idea of risk, this city is a perfect place for a vacation. Once you reach Malabo, you will be surprised with what is in store for you. Despite the difficulty of going here, it is still worth it.

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