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Croatia is a Southeast European country located east of the Adriatic Sea. Situated near the center of Europe but with a sea territory, this country is considerably diverse in its geography. It has flat agricultural plains along the Hungarian border as well as low mountains and highlands along the Adriatic coastline. Despite appearing as a partly landlocked territory, Croatia is actually composed of over 1,200 islands. Complementing its geographical diversity is the country’s impressive history. Because of its location, it has been exposed to various influences that helped shape it into the country that it is at present. Croatia was once under Yugoslav rule until it declared independence in 1991.


The northern portion of Croatia has a temperate continental climate while the central and upland areas experience weather patterns characteristic of mountainous regions. Portions along the Adriatic coast, on the other hand, enjoy a Mediterranean climate with relatively mild spring and autumn. For tourists who want to enjoy warm summers in Croatia, destinations along the Adriatic coast are the best places to go.


Croatia is known for its naturist resorts. It is the first European country to offer commercial naturist resorts. It is widely believed that more than 10% of tourists who visit Croatia are naturists or nudists, numbering to over a million every year. The country has over 20 official naturist resorts, with Pula, Rab, and Hvar as the most popular spots frequented by naturist or nudist tourists. On the other hand, Croatia is also known for health tourism. It is also popular among tourists with disabilities as it offers various public and private facilities to tourists with physical handicaps.

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