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Denmark, like other Scandinavian countries include in its territory a number of islands on the Baltic Sea. Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital is located on the island of Sjælland (Zealand), one of the largest. This nation is one of the most prosperous members of the European Union.

Fluctuating land area

The actual land area of Denmark can only be estimated since its coastlines, a total of 7,314 km long, are subjected to constant erosion from the ocean. Because of this process, the Danes have constantly been trying to reclaim land from the ocean and add a few square kilometers here and there. The current estimated land area of Denmark is around 43,094 square kilometers. There is very little elevation on Denmark since the country is mostly flat.

People and society

Denmark is a small country in Northern Europe with a population of less than 6 million people. It is governed by a constitutional monarchy. The Danes have a very high standard of living, benefiting from a combination of equal income distribution and a very comprehensive government welfare program.

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