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France – Every Traveller’s Dream

France is the most visited country in Europe, and also the most popular destinations in the world. It’s blessed with diverse landscapes of coastlines, beaches, rivers and hills, and is combined with beautiful cities. France is also home to some of Europe’s best treasures, and it’s one of your best gateways for travelling the rest Europe.

We would be shocked if France isn’t on your list of countries to visit. With attractions like world famous museums, rich culture, fine food and wine, and many famous landmarks, you’ll find anything you could possibly want out of a travelling experience right here in France.

You can find heaps of iconic landmarks in Paris alone, like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and Mona Lisa, and Notre Dame. But you should experience all the other things that France can offer you. They will also add to your awesome vacation photos and stories! And they’re a guaranteed treat.

Take a look at the stunning Chateaux of the Loire Valley. Enjoy the perfume of flowers at Luxembourg Gardens and the lavender fields in Provence. Tour the Bordeaux region and taste wine right beside grape vines. Are you more into bubbly? Visit Champagne-Ardenne and stop by its Natural Parks.

Surf the waves of Biarritz, or spend your summer sailing in the south of France. You’ll also love winter at the French Alps. And these are just a few of the stops that you should see.

Audrey Hepburn’s line from Sabrina is true – “Paris is always a good idea.” Just remember that the rest of France is too!

What you should know

Paris weather is different for each region, and even different from city to city. So the best times to visit depends on where and what you’re planning to do.

The high season for tourists is July and August, and also during Easter, Christmas, and New Year. Shoulder season is April to June (spring) and September (fall), where accommodation rates are cheaper in southern France. Low season is from October to March where the rates are even cut in half.

You can fly to France any time because Singaporeans can visit up to 90 days without a visa.

English is rarely spoken here, so take a short French course, buy a good phrase book, or a find a good language app before visiting.

Travelling to and around France

France has many airports across the country. From Singapore, you’ll be flying into Paris and will land at either Charles de Gualle or Orly Airport.

You can travel around France by plane, bus, ferry, and train. To help you get ready, read this guide on how to travel around France on a budget.

Say au revoir to Australia and let’s go book your flights to France. Bon voyage, mon ami!

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