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Lithuania is a Baltic country that is one of the members of the European Union. It is surrounded by Russia, Poland, Belarus and Latvia. It has a rich and diverse culture and prides itself with the many beautiful places that it has to offer.

The country has a mixture of maritime and continental climate. Winter can be very cold, while the weather is relatively mild during summer. Coastal areas can reach as low as −34 °C during winter, while summer can be as hot as 35 °C. But most of the time, 20 °C is the average temperature during the day. It is best to visit during summer to enjoy visiting various tourist destinations.


Vilnius International Airport is the main airport that serves Lithuania, though there are also other airports that offer local and international flights including Palanga Airport and Riga Airport. The bus is the most common form of transportation, though you can also get a taxi. Trains are also available especially for far and hard to reach places. If you are in the city, you can also get around using a bicycle as most roads have a bicycle lane that you can use.

Places to Visit

Go to the capital city of the country, which is Vilnius and see the amazing architectural structures that are a mix of various styles including baroque and renaissance. The city is also listed as historic center by UNESCO. You will find 65 churches, museums, monuments and the Presidential and Royal Palace. The Aukštaitija National Park is another must see. You’ll find various animals, plants, streams and lakes. It is not just for sightseeing but for watersports as well.

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