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Malta is a country in the Mediterranean Sea in South Europe, which is beside Sicily, Libya, and Tunisia. Its capital is Valletta, which was considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1980. Malta may be claimed as one of the smallest and densely populated countries, but that doesn’t stop the people from making their country an exceptional one.

Transportation in Malta

Not long ago, there were a railway and tramway in Malta. However, today, the transportation means in Malta rely on buses and cabs. Buses in Malta have become public attractions over time due to their old age and distinctiveness.

Things to do in Malta

What better thing to do than trying out the different dishes in Malta? Try out their Lampuki pie (fish pie) when you pay a visit, the famous Rabbit Stew, and Bragioli (beef olives). And if you are looking for a different kind of fun, be sure to go to the nearest bar where you are staying! Do not forget to try and see the nightlife in Malta.

There are also events that you can attend, if ever your vacation in Malta marks a certain day in their calendar. Some events are the Valletta Baroque Festival, Malta Arts Festival, Choir Festival, Opera Festival, and the Jazz Festival. These events will provide you with new experiences and knowledge about another culture.

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