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Montenegro is a Balkan country situated by the Adriatic Sea. It is a neighboring country of Croatia, Serbia and Albania, just to name a few. By turning to your left, you can immediately see the beautiful Adriatic Sea.


Mild, wet winters and dry summers are prominent in the lower areas of Montenegro, just along the coastline. While its central and northern parts experience a continental climate since it is dependent to the elevation and location. The mountainous regions do have some of the highest quantity of rainfall in the entire Europe while snow is regularly experienced in the northern mountains all throughout the spring time.

Places to Visit

Hitchhiking is pretty common in Montenegro because it has plenty of stunning mountainous landscapes to boast of. The coastlines are dramatic and romantic enough to remember because it is equally gorgeous as that of Croatia. They also have historic monuments to visit along with the beautiful walled towns. The Monastery of Ostrog deserves high attention especially if you are there for pilgrimage purposes and even if not, this spot offers you the best and most magnificent view over the plains of Bjelopavlici.

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