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Most of the people of Sweden live in the southern part of the country and a majority live in urban centers such as the capital city, Stockholm. Swedish citizens enjoy the many benefits of a highly developed economy. In fact, the country is ranked 8th amongst nations with the highest per capita income. Among the Nordic countries, Sweden is the most populated.

Location and territory

Sweden is located in Northern Europe between 55° and 70° N latitude and is one of the Scandinavian countries. Sweden has a long coastline that serves as the eastern border of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden is the 3rd biggest member of the European Union by land area and the 55th biggest country in the world. It is connected via a mega-structure, the Öresund Bridge with Denmark and shares borders with Finland and Norway.

Reigning in peace

Sweden has not been involved in any wars since the 9th century and the Swedes have been enjoying peace and prosperity for many centuries. The type of government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. It is at the very top of the list of the Economist as the best governed country in the world and the Reputation Institute considers it the 2nd most reputable country on the planet.

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