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Switzerland is a landlocked country in Central Europe surrounded by France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany. It’s a country of endless enchanting sights, of great food and interesting cultural traditions. It is a summer and winter sports haven frequented by the world’s crème de la crème.

Climate in Switzerland

Switzerland has a temperate climate with average temperature that varies depending on the altitude. Winters in Switzerland are cold, cloudy and with rain and snow while summers are warm, humid, cloudy and with occasional showers.

Natural Beauty

Switzerland is famous for its magnificent snow-capped mountains–the Alps in the south and the Jura in the northwest. These mountains are not just sights to behold but they are dotted with glitzy resorts that promise great skiing pleasures. If skiing is not your cup of tea, you can opt to join guided hiking and trekking expeditions that would test your endurance while your eyes enjoy the beauty of the alpine scenery. Switzerland is not all mountains it also has large glistening lakes, rolling hills and plains all offering postcard perfect sights waiting to be explored.

Historical and architectural treasures

Complementing Switzerland’s majestic mountains is the grandeur of its castles and churches, which are the country’s pride. Medieval towns with medieval castles still exist in this alpine getaway for visitors to see. Swiss towns have their enchanting appeal some featuring traditional timber houses and others graffito-blazoned buildings so typical in the region.

Offering the best for the best

Switzerland is a major center of international banking and the headquarters of renowned companies and international organizations. As host to different professionals from different parts of the world Switzerland has top of the line facilities, a fine selection of thousands of great restaurants and bars, excellent cinema and theatre facilities as well as relaxing spas. The city also hosts grand and entertaining parades and festivals that consistently attract large crowds of locals and foreigners alike.

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