Nuuk () Greenland

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At least 7 international flights and 77 domestic flights depart from the Nuuk Airport every week. Visitors can travel to this City via Air Iceland or Air Greenland.

Activities in Nuuk

Nuuk City is the best place to stay if you want to experience how it feels to live in a fascinating and beautiful arctic environment. Adventurous souls can go whale watching in the fjord. You can see fin whales, minke and the humpback.

Cruise and sailing expeditions are rampant in Nuuk. This is the best way to see many whales and seals. At the same time, you’ll enjoy all the beautiful landscapes that this city has to offer. The mountains and fjords are quite a site since these areas are often filled with icebergs.

Many tourist destinations are waiting for you in Nuuk. Book for a flight to this city through Skiddoo and enjoy the journey to the iceberg!



Temperature average in July

4.1 - 10.9°C

Rainfall average in July

100.2 mm

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