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Baghdad is the capital of Iraq. It is also the second largest city in the Arab world. This city is a witness to various historical events and is a home to ancient civilizations. The war that took place in Iraq in recent years has really devastated the city. However, if you are interested to still go here now that the war is over, you still have a lot to witness. It will still be worth the risk after all.

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Though flights to and from the city were affected during war, it has now moved back to its normal pace. In fact, several airlines travel to the city and connect Iraq to various countries all over the world. This includes Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airlines, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways and many others. Domestic flights to nearby cities are also available.

A Taste of Baghdad Cuisine

You might have heard a lot about historical sites in Baghdad. However, you might not really be aware that some of the world’s best dishes are found here. In fact, these recipes have originated thousands of years ago from Baghdad. Cookbooks were already made by people of ancient Mesopotamia and some artifacts can still be found in the city.

When it comes to local cuisine, you will find a lot of dishes with vegetables, bread and other spices. Fruits such as dates, apricots, figs, raisins and melons are also abundant in the country. People have also started raising poultry again and its economy is gradually recovering.

Yes, the city might have been severely affected by the war. However, it has gradually recovered already. Yet, with or without war, the ability of the locals to create these sumptuous dishes remains the same. If you visit Baghdad, this will definitely be something worth trying out.

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