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Tel Aviv has been given the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO but this does not necessarily mean that the city is considered dull and unexciting. Tel Aviv is anything but that. The city houses the largest collection of Bauhaus types of buildings in the world. After being awarded by UNESCO with its title, these buildings have begun undergoing complete restorations to bring them back to their original beauty.

When to go

The climate in Tel Aviv is characterized as hot-summer Mediterranean. Winter is mild and rainy, while summer is hot and dry. The city enjoys mostly sunny weather with winters that have nice and clear days. Snowfall is a rare occurrence, with the last one recorded in February 1950.

The White City

Tel Aviv is called the White City simply because most of the structures within Tel Aviv are white. Due to the restorations that have been done in the city, most people have discovered the significance of Tel Aviv. It has developed into a modern metropolis bustling with life, a pulsating atmosphere, and a place where streets are lined up with shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Tel Aviv is also proud of its pristine, white sand beaches, its nightlife, and the many shopping places for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

Discover Tel Aviv

There is much for visitors to discover in the White City. Take a stroll down Rothschild Boulevard, which is one of Tel Aviv’s first streets, created for the purpose of being a public area, complete with a garden and benches to rest on, kiosks for refreshments, and a pathway for a leisurely walk. While here, visitors can catch a glimpse of some Bauhaus structures along with glass skyscrapers that have just been recently added. Sheinkin Street is another noteworthy street that has served as the city symbol for most Israelis. Here one can find fashion boutiques and coffee shops, and meet the most interesting people. Whether shopping for clothes, shoes or jewellery, Sheinkin is the place to go.

Because of Tel Aviv’s unique architecture, visitors will surely enjoy the city’s Architecture Tour. For art lovers, there is the Tel Aviv Museum that houses beautiful art pieces, specifically paintings and sculptures done by the city’s local artists. The home of David Ben Gurion, now a museum, is another must-see. These and many more attractions await travellers to Tel Aviv.

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Temperature average in May

15 - 27.1°C

Rainfall average in May

1.8 mm

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