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Iran is a country in Western Asia. It was formerly known as Persia and in 1980 it became the Islamic Republic of Iran. In 2800 BC Iran’s first dynasty was formed, making it one of the oldest civilizations in the world. 

Tourist Destinations and Attractions

Various countries in different continents have something to brag about when it comes to the places that you can visit. Trekkers may choose to visit the Damavand Mountains or the Binalood and Aladagh Mountains. The Shourabil Lake and the Neor Lake are also attractive for tourists. Basically Iran is not just a land of rich culture and history but also a land full of magnificent views.

Varying Weather Conditions

With a land area of 636,372 square miles, different locations in Iran have varying weather conditions depending on the time of the year. The Caspian coastal plains rarely get low temperature readings, however the said area maintains a certain degree of humidity all year round. On the other hand both the western and southern side of Iran experience snow. That being said, it has enabled Iran to develop the Shemshak Ski Resort, which is not that far from its capital city. 

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