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Iraq is a country located in Western Asia and borders Jordan, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This country is once called Mesopotamia during the ancient civilizations. In recent years, Iraq has gone through a lot under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein as well as the war waged by the US against them. Yet, with the war already over, the country is now starting the rebuilding process.


Iraq has an average of 40 °C in almost all provinces. However, it can go even higher in some days. During the winter season, the temperature drops to 21 °C and can even drop further to 5 °C at night. Yet, sometimes, heavy snow and rain can cause flooding all over the country.

Be a witness to what Iraq is and was

This country has been inhabited by human beings for 10,000 years now. Thus, if you are to move around the country, you will see where people in the past used to live and how they lived. Going there now, you will also have that spark of hope if you see that the country gradually comes out of the rubble it has become in recent years. When it comes to safety, Iraq is a lot better now.

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