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Located in the East Mediterranean, Lebanon is a country with rich cultural identity shaped by its gilded history. Combined with its well-preserved environment, welcoming people, and sensational history, Lebanon used to be called the Switzerland of the Middle East. Its natural grandeur speaks of breathtaking beauty that would haunt every beholder. Lebanon is known to be the only Asian-African country that is desert-less and the best part is that its mountain peaks are even covered with snow. Lebanon derived its named from the Lubnan, an Arabic term which means white – referring to its snow-covered mountains.

Untouched Beauty and Ancient Castles

This country has been called Paradise on Earth by tourists more than a million times. The epic qualities of its mountain slopes, rivers, coasts, caves, and waterfalls are indeed beyond compare. Mount Lebanon’s range, Cedars of the Lord, Anti-Lebanon Range, Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve, and Bekaa Valley are just a speck of what this country possesses. Amidst Lebanon’s suffering from its history, the country still proudly blooms with joy and beauty, giving total relaxation to weary travelers. Since time immemorial, Lebanon’s beauty remained aloof from too much modernization; even its ancient castles were kept for thousands of years.

People and Lifestyle

Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon is gastronomically renowned for its luscious food, wine, and peace-loving residents. This city is pregnant with multi-sport adventures, the holiest buildings, and world-class resorts. Despite its rich history, which shaped today’s country, modern day Beirut is the portal of lifestyle and nightlife. Lebanese love for cinema, nightclubs, pubs, and outdoor recreations are well showcased on every corners of the city. They are passionate into sports and outdoorsy activities, which only show that Lebanese truly value their God-given treasures. The mixture of mind-blowing history, naturally hospitable people, and natural opulence is what makes this lotus-like country truly seductive.

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