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The temperature in this country is very high especially during the day. However, temperature drops drastically at night. Most of the inhabited areas are in the central highlands located 2,000 meters in elevation. However, despite being mostly desert, this country is in fact composed of several islands and beaches that can be found all over the country.


The Republic of Yemen is an Arab country found in Western Asia bordered by Saudi Arabia, Oman, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea. This place is the home to dwelling places of ancient civilizations that trace back thousands of years ago. This country is not just rich in historical places, but in relaxing scenic spots as well.

A Place for Peace and Relaxation

You might have heard lots of wars involving Middle Eastern countries. However, if you want to get out of these chaotic situations, you might want to travel to Yemen. This country has lots of ancient civilization ruins that are sure to amaze. It also has the Al Hudayda beach, which is very famous for tourists because of its enchanting beauty. You can also go to other exotic places such as the Shibam, Seiyun and Hadhramau. You can relax in these historical towns. There are certainly a lot more in store for you if you go to Yemen.

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