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Palau is an island country in the Pacific and a home to over 21,000 people. Since it is surrounded by waters, people visit this place and enjoy the heat of the sun on its beaches. Not to mention the fact that it also has lots of other tourist attractions and adventures to offer.

Peleliu: For your peace of mind

Visit Peleliu and experience a heavenly feeling being in a quiet and relaxing place. Going to this part of Palau will make you feel like you own the entire country since it is not crowded at all. It also boasts local animals such as the sea turtles, mammoths and different species of fish that are beautiful sights to behold.

Blue Corner:  for diving experts

If you want more challenge in diving, you have to visit the Blue Corner. This place is not just extremely deep; it also has lots of marine life to offer. From soft corals to colorful fishes, everything that will make you appreciate the water world even more is here.

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