Medina (MED) Saudi Arabia

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Medina is also referred to as “The City of Prophet” although in its Arabic meaning, Medina simply means “city”. It is said to be second to Mecca in its holy stature and considered as a very significant entity in the history of Islam since this is the place where Muhammad died.

Travelling to Medina

It is not difficult to get to Medina because there are many alternative routes going there. If you are traveling by plane, the best route is through Jeddah and then a bus to Mecca and Medina. Nowadays the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport in Medina has opened itself to more flights and the airport is open to non-Muslims. When coming from other parts of the country, the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company transports tourists on regular schedules all day.

On Offer

Medina has various offers to visitors. You can see the mosques, visit shops, eat at restaurants and just go around to marvel at the modern landscapes and buildings of the city. Hotels are close to mosques since Muslims mostly visit Jeddah for religious purposes. 

Temperature average in July

28.9 - 42.7°C

Rainfall average in July

222.3 mm

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