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Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America, known for its cultural celebrations and scenic spots. The country also has ancient sites that were created thousands of years ago, but are still intact. If you are interested in seeing some of nature’s best, you must visit Bolivia.

Breathtaking Spots

Most tourists come to Bolivia mostly for its scenic spots. You can start your trip at Lake Titicaca and take beautiful photographs of the landscape. You can also have a picnic by the lakeside. Madidi National Park is another natural wonder of Bolivia. This place houses diverse species of flora and fauna. The entire park is over 7,000 square miles. Bolivia has a tropical climate, thus, visiting Bolivia to see these spots any time of the year is a good idea.

Not for the Faint of Heart

If you want to spruce up your trip in Bolivia, you can take a hike at Sorata. This is a popular place for hikers since it is quite challenging. For those who want an even more extreme challenge, the Yungas Road is the perfect destination. It is dubbed as the world’s most dangerous road since it is too narrow and is located next to a cliff.

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