Select Your Seat!

You can now select your seat when booking with Skiddoo for just $4.95!

  1. Simply select the seat that best suits you at the time of booking and we will do everything else for you*
  2. We know picking the right seat is an important part of your flight and our priority is making your next trip as comfortable as possible
  3. Relax before you travel knowing your favourite seat is waiting for you. 

Benefits of selecting the ideal seat for you:

  • Guaranteed seat location prior to check-in
  • Hassle free airport check-in
  • Extra legroom
  • Sit with friends + family
  • Great window views
  • Easy aisle walks & bathroom access
  • Quick disembarkation

Book Your Flight Now

*Terms and Conditions

  • Not available on all airlines.
  • Choose from window, middle or aisle seat.
  • We cannot guarantee that the preferred seats will be confirmed by the airline.
  • If your preferred seats cannot be provided the charge for the service will be refunded.
  • The images of the seating layout may not necessarily be the same as the aircraft configuration.
  • We are unable to pre-book seats in a specific row, with extra legroom or by an emergency exit.
  • The airline has the right to change the seats on board without informing us or passengers.